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Celebrating Special Birthdays with Photographs in Breckenridge, Colorado























What better gift can a mother receive for her birthday than family photographs! That’s exactly what Ryan Joyce did.

He brought together the whole family to celebrate with his Mom & was thoughtful enough to hire me to capture the memories! Here is his Mom, Patrice and her husband, Ron Lara.










Here’s the whole family together. They all gathered at Patrice’s home in Breckenridge, Colorado to celebrate her 70th birthday. Nothing better than to be surrounded by your children & grandchildren. Even the family dog was included!

























I had to get a family photograph of Ryan and his wife Natalia with their two adorable children! Picture perfect!













Now this is a nice group of grandchildren! I hope those two girls can keep all those boys in line!













I always try to get a few photos when they aren’t posing. Here’s a tender moment of father & daughter.


























Being a good photographer means you catch the moment. Just had to get this photo of Natalia. She looked so beautiful in that light.

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