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Family Photos of a Dude Ranch Experience











I bet you’re thinking: Not Mort Mulliken’s typical opening family photo! Part-time Vail Residents, Nick & Marty Ragland, from Cincinnati, Ohio decided taking the family to the C Lazy U dude ranch near Granby, Colorado would be fun! They were right! Here are one of their sons and his wife relaxing after a fun filled day! Not a bad view!

First, we had to have a photo of Nick & Marty with their five wonderful sons. They look like they fit right in at the ranch.












And here are Nick & Marty with their beautiful grandchildren. I wonder if we could find a cowboy hat small enough for the baby?

Here’s the entire family; Nick & Marty are so lucky to have their five sons with wives & children all together in such a beautiful place.














She was so cute I just had to get this photo!












This felt like something out of an old Western movie; The Ragland family are horse people and it shows.

They all look like naturals!

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