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How did they get so lucky?

Molly and Carl have a lot going for them, a beautiful couple, a wonderful family, great friends but most of all, TIMING. How in the world do you pick a wedding date in Vail, Colorado where the Aspens are at their peak and there is snow on the Gore Range??












Let’s back up a bit – Carl got his first look at his beautiful bride Molly on the covered bridge in the Betty Ford Gardens in Vail, Colorado. I think he was impressed!











The ceremony was held outside on a gorgeous Fall day with golden Aspens and a snow-capped Gore Range mountains as the backdrop at Larkspur Restaurant in Vail. Must say, it was a photographer’s dream day.

What a gentleman! And he didn’t even drop her in the creek! Probably because everyone was watching…

There is something magical about the Fall Aspen leaves when paired with the lovely wedding rings they chose.

Looks like they are in for the ride of their life!

What a great day for everyone! Choosing Vail, Colorado in the Fall and celebrating with a reception at Larkspur Restaurant is truly a fairytale wedding!

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  1. Jennifer Winding says:

    Thanks you for the beautiful photos Mort! We will treasure them as momentos of a glorious day!

    Jennifer, Mother of the Bride!

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