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Photographing Maggie & Nick at their Vail, Colorado Wedding

Maggie to Barbara-2













This wedding portrait is one of my favorites!

Maggie made such a beautiful bride and the Vail, Colorado creek setting topped it off!

Don’t worry; My assistant made sure she didn’t fall in the water!

Maggie to Barbara-8598












Toast to the bride & groom!

The groom, Nick, is a recent West Point Graduate, and the reception was held at Allies Cabin in Beaver Creek, Colorado.


Maggie to Barbara-8554











The wedding was held at the Beaver Creek Chapel in a beautiful venue at the base of the ski mountain.

And from the looks of it, everyone was having a blast!

Maggie to Barbara-3078












This captures exactly what the wedding was all about: LOVE!


Maggie to Barbara-3077






















There’s no better weather than July in the Rocky Mountains for a wedding.

Maggie to Barbara-2950












Another successful wedding photography event!


Vail Valley Photography Senior Photo with Erica Buzbee

Vail Valley Senior Photo

I’m a Vail Valley Photographer. I specialize in weddings, family photos, pet portraits and high school senior portraits. I met with Erica Buzbee when she was a senior in high school. She asked me to photograph her senior portraits and we had a ball.

Vail Valley Photographer Senior Photos

























It was a beautiful fall day. We met at Bearcat Stables in Edwards. The leaves were sparkling in the sun and Erica’s smile was shining just as bright.


























One of the reasons I love living in Edwards, Colorado is that I like to photograph within the amazing settings of the Vail Valley. You can choose from mountain landscapes and aspen and pine trees to raging rivers and rustic ranches.













Here is a prime example of photographing within our surroundings. Bearcat Stables and the Ranch in Cordillera offer amazing props that allow for unique, one-of-a-kind photos.


























Of course photographing a beautiful young lady in this setting makes my job really easy. But I’ll take the credit!

Vail Valley Family photo
























Erica’s mom joined in as well. You can tell they are mother and daughter. They were both relaxed and just went with the flow. It was a wonderful time and we took some wonderful photographs.

Vail Valley Senior Portraits












Next time you want to kick your shoes off and get your senior portrait or even your school photo taken please call me at 970-376-1230. If you have any questions please email me and I’m happy to speak with you regarding the best Vail Valley location. Thank you and continue to have a great day!


Vail Photographer captures Cordillera family

Cordillera Spring family photo

Spring is around the corner. The aspen leaves and beautifully colored flowers will be in full bloom. This reminds me when I photographed Bob and Carolyn Reintjes and their daughter’s family in Cordillera.

Cordillera family photo

























Bob and Carolyn Reintjes asked me to come to their home and photograph them with their daughter’s family. It was a wonderful day and we took some beautiful photos.


























The beautiful colors glistened in the sunlight. As I have said many times, when in the Vail Valley there are wonderful places to photograph and this location did not disappoint.














Sometimes parents need to run into the trees and play. That’s what we did here. The Aspen tree bark really gives this photo depth. I just love this photo with all of the colors and the contrast of the aspen tree.


























Family time in Cordillera. Can you believe that the little one wanted to take the photos. She kept reaching for my camera. Who knows, maybe there is a budding photographer in this family.













It feels like yesterday. When a photographer captures that look from loving eyes I know I’ve done my job.














And then there is the mischievous eyes of a young boy on the prowl. I think this photo tells the story perfectly. Ahhhh, to be young and curious!

If you are planning your spring family photo please call me at 970-376-1230 or email me and we can plan a great day just as the flowers begin to bloom.

Thanks and continue to have a great day!


Vail Photographer tests the Nikon D810

Mort Mulliken capturing Amelia's eyes with his new Nikon D810

As a Vail photographer my clients have high expectations as do I. That’s why I update my equipment regularly. When you get a new camera you need to test it to make sure it lives up to the hype. As any kid feels when they get a new toy, so does a photographer when he gets a new camera. Ready…Set…Go…

Mort photographing Amelia Bearcat Stables truck
























Amelia Courtney Lee was happy to join me and help me with my quest.We headed out to Bearcat Stables in Edwards, Colorado. I wanted to test it in different light conditions as well as test the contrast, quietness and speed. Notice how these colors POP!


























One of the first things I noticed with this 36.3 megapixel camera was how it felt in my hand. Solid is a good way to describe it. It was quick to react and very quiet. Both of which I was happy with.


























We took many photos with different lighting conditions and this camera outperformed my expectations. I was using a Nikon 24-120 zoom with an image stabilization – vibration resistant lens and I could tell the difference. These photos were sharp where they needed to be and faded out to perfection depending on the shot.

























Amelia was a patient model as I focused on the testing. I worked with the depth of field and she just stood there in the snow and smiled.


























The Nikon D810 captured the details I was looking for as well as crisp photos in all types of lighting situations all wrapped up in a large resolution image.













I’m sure you will agree that this new camera took some amazing photos. I had fun testing this day and learning what it could do.

When you are ready for your next session please email or call me at 970-376-1230 and we can plan a special day. You will be excited with the results.

Thanks and remember to continue to have a great day!


Vail Valley Engagement Photographer with Lynnie and Jared

I met with Lynnie and Jared for their Engagement Photos. It was the perfect day in Mountain Star. The snow was white and the light was perfect.













All they needed to bring was their smiles and love. That was apparent once we said hello.

We discussed what we wanted to do and we concluded that we didn’t want to do anything out of the ordinary. I just wanted them to walk and talk. It’s great to watch two people in love just enjoying themselves together.


























I’m not sure which sparkled more, Lynnie’s smile or her beautiful ring.












From Mountain Star in Avon you could see Beaver Creek from the distance. What a wonderful and serene setting. Perfect for Lynnie and Jared’s engagement photos.
















The moment wouldn’t be complete without the parents. Lynnie and Jared were definitely the stars of the show but mom and dad shared in their happiness. It’s great to photograph a happy family.















You’ve heard it from me before but I have to say it again. No matter what season: winter, spring, summer and fall, the Vail Valley is the best place to photograph your special event. I think you can tell by these photos that Lynnie and Jared would agree.


























All I asked when we set up the photoshoot is that the happy couple bring their smiles and enjoy the moment. Lynnie and Jared did that and more. This was a very enjoyable photoshoot. I love nothing more than to be a part of something special and it was special for all of us.

If you are interested in talking and setting up a photoshoot for your special occasion, please email or call me at 970-376-1230.

Thank you for reading this and please continue to have a great day.
~ Mort












Vail Valley Portrait Photographer

Everyone loves new toys, especially me, your local Vail Valley photographer! I recently purchased the latest Nikon state of the art 36.3 megapixel camera body and vibration resistant lens.


























So when I received the camera I had to go out and practice. And as you can see, what a difference!


























I met Anne Cote, the Manager at The Vitality Center in Vail. We set out to Bear Cat Stables in Cordillera to test my new camera. “Wow!” is all that I could say – the tack-sharp images are amazing.


























I could immediately tell the difference in contrast and depth of field of each image. I am very excited to photograph families, weddings and senior portraits in the Vail Valley.

























Anne was a great sport to let me photograph her at Bear Cat Stables. Photographing your event in the Vail Valley with this new Nikon and lens will capture beautiful memories for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.


























A wonderful model, a beautiful setting and a great new camera make for tremendous photos.













I am excited to shoot your next Vail Valley family portrait, wedding or senior portrait. With technology advances in photography and the perfect setting of the Vail Valley your photos are sure to shine.

Contact me at or call me at 970-376-1230.

And continue to have a Great Day.
~ Mort




























As the Thanksgiving week comes to a close I wanted to share what I am truly thankful for.

I am thankful for my wonderful wife Deborah.

My perfect dog Hogan.

Living in this beautiful place, the Vail Valley.

I am thankful for being able to make my living as a Wedding & Portrait Photographer.

I am thankful that so many people trust me to take their photos.

I am also very thankful that you read my posts and share my thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends and family. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season.

~ Mort

Pet Portraits with the Letscherts

Family and Pet Portrait

It is not unusual for me to photograph families and their pets. Honestly it is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. There is a special bond with a family and their dogs and in this case their horses as well.


























As you can see Mary and Trudo Letschert love their animals.

Man and horse

























I met Trudo and Mary at the Bearcat Stables in Cordillera for the first part of our photoshoot then we scooted over to the Cordillera Equestrian Center. It was a beautiful fall day and I think the animals had as much fun as we did.

Hug a horse












I mean common, how could this beautiful horse not be having a great time. Mary was giving plenty of hugs and the horses were gracious recipients.


























Tom makes a rugged cowboy when he wants to play the part. You could tell he was in his element as was Mary.











Mary loved the weather and the great outdoors. Anything to be around her horses. I don’t know who was having more fun, Trudo, Mary, the horses or me? But it was a blast.










Next time you would like to photograph your best four legged friend and the rest of your family please email or call me. There’s not much more that I enjoy doing.

Thank you and remember to continue to have a great day.
~ Mort


Family Portraits with the Kisielica Family

Amy and Steve Kisielica chose the perfect time of year to photograph their beautiful family.

























When you take a walk up Lake Creek in the fall you are in awe. The majestic leaves sparkle in the sun. It’s warm yet chilly at the same time.


























The kids were wonderful to photograph as they were as well behaved as they were beautifully dressed.














Their son and daughter’s warm smiles and big bright eyes were comforting during the photoshoot.


























It doesn’t matter if the sun is bright and hot on a summer day, cool in the Fall, if the snow is freshly fallen in the winter or the green leaves are sprouting in the spring, Lake Creek in Edwards is a beautiful place for a hike and of course a family photograph or two.


























The key to taking a wonderful family portrait is to decide on a perfect location. Make sure there are beautiful fall leaves in the background and then just jump on a rock and break out your best smile.


























The leaves are almost gone now and soon we will be having fun taking portraits in the beautiful, brilliant snow.

If you would like your family portrait please email or call me 970-376-1230.

And remember to Continue to have a Great Day.

~ Mort








Family Portraits with Cheryl Holman and Granddaughter

Good Afternoon. Looks like the beautiful Vail Valley is undergoing some amazing colorful changes. Yep, fall is coming. Take alook anywhere in the Vail Valley. Green aspen leaves are turning yellow. In this newsletter I focus on special family connections and capturing the moment.


























I was fortunate enough to photograph Cheryl Holman and her 13 year old granddaughter. Talk about two peas in a pod. You could tell there was a special connection and a fantastic relationship there. Their smiles are the same and there is a special bond between them.













We chose Riverwalk in Edwards, Colorado to photograph these beautiful women.


























The start of fall in Vail, Beaver Creek, Edwards, Eagle and Gypsum create an abundance of fun and unique places to photograph your family for years of viewing enjoyment.


























Her granddaughter took full advantage of our surroundings. The lamp post and walkway, in the trees and of course by the river.


























Did someone say Smile!













Once you have the perfect location and time then all you have to do is enjoy the moment. That’s what I try and do as a photographer. I like to capture moments. Special moments that you can view with your family for years to come.  If you have a special someone that you would like to capture a moment of time with call me. I love capturing those moments. 970-376-1230.

Thank you for your time and remember to continue to have a Great day!
~ Mort