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How did they get so lucky?

Molly and Carl have a lot going for them, a beautiful couple, a wonderful family, great friends but most of all, TIMING. How in the world do you pick a wedding date in Vail, Colorado where the Aspens are at their peak and there is snow on the Gore Range??












Let’s back up a bit – Carl got his first look at his beautiful bride Molly on the covered bridge in the Betty Ford Gardens in Vail, Colorado. I think he was impressed!











The ceremony was held outside on a gorgeous Fall day with golden Aspens and a snow-capped Gore Range mountains as the backdrop at Larkspur Restaurant in Vail. Must say, it was a photographer’s dream day.

What a gentleman! And he didn’t even drop her in the creek! Probably because everyone was watching…

There is something magical about the Fall Aspen leaves when paired with the lovely wedding rings they chose.

Looks like they are in for the ride of their life!

What a great day for everyone! Choosing Vail, Colorado in the Fall and celebrating with a reception at Larkspur Restaurant is truly a fairytale wedding!

Gathering Memories











We all have lots of photos from when our kids were born, and even as toddlers, but what happens when we get so busy in those middle years? Meet Ed & Christy Dent; they wanted to capture not only the Fall leaves but this stage in their family’s life.












It seems the only time our life slows down a bit is when we’re on vacation. What a perfect time to plan your family portrait!








Whether it’s the Fall colors or a beautiful snowy landscape, the Vail Valley makes the perfect backdrop for your family portrait.







Before you know it, your kids are all grown up & out of the house. These photos make memories of those special years.







What a handsome young man!







Christy looks right at home here in the Fall leaves and Rocky Mountains.
























Be sure to call me at (970) 376-1230 to book your perfect family memories with Portraits by Mort Mulliken Photography. You wouldn’t want to miss out on capturing every moment!

Senior Portraits in Full Fall Color

Meet Madison! She came up to our glorious mountains in Vail, Colorado for her Senior Portrait session with me.
























Fall is the most beautiful time in the mountains and it works perfectly in the schedule for having your Senior Portrait captured for lasting memories.

Looks like Madison’s dog is really enjoying her photo session as well!

Popping out of the grass! Not only do I have ideas for your shoot, but I am willing to try my clients ideas as well!











It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this, sitting by the creek in the beautiful fall leaves of the Rocky Mountains.
This year has been especially beautiful in Vail,Colorado for a Senior Photo session.

Even though Colorado is mostly Aspens, we found some red leaves as well! Remember, school deadlines are quickly approaching, so make your appointment now before the snow flies! Contact me to set up your Senior Portrait session on my contact page at

Vail Valley Portrait Photographer

Everyone loves new toys, especially me, your local Vail Valley photographer! I recently purchased the latest Nikon state of the art 36.3 megapixel camera body and vibration resistant lens.


























So when I received the camera I had to go out and practice. And as you can see, what a difference!


























I met Anne Cote, the Manager at The Vitality Center in Vail. We set out to Bear Cat Stables in Cordillera to test my new camera. “Wow!” is all that I could say – the tack-sharp images are amazing.


























I could immediately tell the difference in contrast and depth of field of each image. I am very excited to photograph families, weddings and senior portraits in the Vail Valley.

























Anne was a great sport to let me photograph her at Bear Cat Stables. Photographing your event in the Vail Valley with this new Nikon and lens will capture beautiful memories for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.


























A wonderful model, a beautiful setting and a great new camera make for tremendous photos.













I am excited to shoot your next Vail Valley family portrait, wedding or senior portrait. With technology advances in photography and the perfect setting of the Vail Valley your photos are sure to shine.

Contact me at or call me at 970-376-1230.

And continue to have a Great Day.
~ Mort



























Family Portraits with the Kisielica Family

Amy and Steve Kisielica chose the perfect time of year to photograph their beautiful family.

























When you take a walk up Lake Creek in the fall you are in awe. The majestic leaves sparkle in the sun. It’s warm yet chilly at the same time.


























The kids were wonderful to photograph as they were as well behaved as they were beautifully dressed.














Their son and daughter’s warm smiles and big bright eyes were comforting during the photoshoot.


























It doesn’t matter if the sun is bright and hot on a summer day, cool in the Fall, if the snow is freshly fallen in the winter or the green leaves are sprouting in the spring, Lake Creek in Edwards is a beautiful place for a hike and of course a family photograph or two.


























The key to taking a wonderful family portrait is to decide on a perfect location. Make sure there are beautiful fall leaves in the background and then just jump on a rock and break out your best smile.


























The leaves are almost gone now and soon we will be having fun taking portraits in the beautiful, brilliant snow.

If you would like your family portrait please email or call me 970-376-1230.

And remember to Continue to have a Great Day.

~ Mort








Family Portraits with Cheryl Holman and Granddaughter

Good Afternoon. Looks like the beautiful Vail Valley is undergoing some amazing colorful changes. Yep, fall is coming. Take alook anywhere in the Vail Valley. Green aspen leaves are turning yellow. In this newsletter I focus on special family connections and capturing the moment.


























I was fortunate enough to photograph Cheryl Holman and her 13 year old granddaughter. Talk about two peas in a pod. You could tell there was a special connection and a fantastic relationship there. Their smiles are the same and there is a special bond between them.













We chose Riverwalk in Edwards, Colorado to photograph these beautiful women.


























The start of fall in Vail, Beaver Creek, Edwards, Eagle and Gypsum create an abundance of fun and unique places to photograph your family for years of viewing enjoyment.


























Her granddaughter took full advantage of our surroundings. The lamp post and walkway, in the trees and of course by the river.


























Did someone say Smile!













Once you have the perfect location and time then all you have to do is enjoy the moment. That’s what I try and do as a photographer. I like to capture moments. Special moments that you can view with your family for years to come.  If you have a special someone that you would like to capture a moment of time with call me. I love capturing those moments. 970-376-1230.

Thank you for your time and remember to continue to have a Great day!
~ Mort

5 Tips to photograph Fall leaves in the Vail Valley

I could say that the 5 best tips for photographing your family portrait, wedding, high school senior photo or even your pet portrait is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION. But that would be to easy.


























So from my lips to your ears here is Mort Mulliken’s top 5 most important tips to shoot your fall photos.


1. Timing is everything. Plan to take your photos when the leaves are spectacular. The sea of golden yellow will mesmerize you and will create memorable family photos for years to come.













2. Choose the right setting. When in the Vail Valley you want to utilize colored leaves. Aspen Trees are the guilty pleasure for colorful leaves in Colorado. Rivers, creeks and other bodies of water are a plus. Combine the two and you will be happy with your senior portrait.


























3. Props and Clothing. Choose the right clothes to compliment the colorful leaves and setting. If you are wearing gold you may blend into the background. Bright whites and dark colors will make you pop off the photos.


























4. The right attitude and a smile. Bring your smile and enjoy the day. You are taking valuable time out of your day so that you can have photos to last a lifetime. Enjoy it!


























5. Location. Yes, I said it, again. In the Vail Valley there are so many spectacular settings to shoot in the fall. From East Vail to Gypsum. You can find what you are looking for Rivers, Aspen Trees, Lakes and of course mountains. If you have a favorite spot in Aspen or Denver, I’m happy to meet you there as well.














If you would like to schedule your fall photoshoot, call me at 970-376-1230. I’m happy to help you plan your colorful Colorado fall photo.

And remember to continue to have a great day.