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Senior Portraits in Full Fall Color

Meet Madison! She came up to our glorious mountains in Vail, Colorado for her Senior Portrait session with me.
























Fall is the most beautiful time in the mountains and it works perfectly in the schedule for having your Senior Portrait captured for lasting memories.

Looks like Madison’s dog is really enjoying her photo session as well!

Popping out of the grass! Not only do I have ideas for your shoot, but I am willing to try my clients ideas as well!











It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this, sitting by the creek in the beautiful fall leaves of the Rocky Mountains.
This year has been especially beautiful in Vail,Colorado for a Senior Photo session.

Even though Colorado is mostly Aspens, we found some red leaves as well! Remember, school deadlines are quickly approaching, so make your appointment now before the snow flies! Contact me to set up your Senior Portrait session on my contact page at

High School Seniors Show Some Personality




When I get asked to shoot a High School Senior Portrait the first thing I think about is:
How can I show the individual personality of this Senior? What setting would suit this the best?
Here is Isabel Miscio from Battle Mountain High School. Her fun & adventurous personality shows through in this shot.




Here is Carter Coleman from Eagle Valley High School. His inviting smile suggests what a bright future he could have!
























This “Lord of the Dance” pose by Abril Arenales from Eagle Valley High School shows her flexibility and balance, traits we’d all like to carry on with through life.











Gracie Shanley from Vail Christian High School lights up in this photo. Her sweet smile creates a feeling of approachability & compassion.











Here’s a fun one of Olivia Manula from Vail Mountain School. Looks like she’s pretty comfortable on that horse!
To see more of my High School Senior Portraits and other Family Portraiture or Wedding Photos, click here:

Vail Valley Photography Senior Photo with Erica Buzbee

Vail Valley Senior Photo

I’m a Vail Valley Photographer. I specialize in weddings, family photos, pet portraits and high school senior portraits. I met with Erica Buzbee when she was a senior in high school. She asked me to photograph her senior portraits and we had a ball.

Vail Valley Photographer Senior Photos

























It was a beautiful fall day. We met at Bearcat Stables in Edwards. The leaves were sparkling in the sun and Erica’s smile was shining just as bright.


























One of the reasons I love living in Edwards, Colorado is that I like to photograph within the amazing settings of the Vail Valley. You can choose from mountain landscapes and aspen and pine trees to raging rivers and rustic ranches.













Here is a prime example of photographing within our surroundings. Bearcat Stables and the Ranch in Cordillera offer amazing props that allow for unique, one-of-a-kind photos.


























Of course photographing a beautiful young lady in this setting makes my job really easy. But I’ll take the credit!

Vail Valley Family photo
























Erica’s mom joined in as well. You can tell they are mother and daughter. They were both relaxed and just went with the flow. It was a wonderful time and we took some wonderful photographs.

Vail Valley Senior Portraits












Next time you want to kick your shoes off and get your senior portrait or even your school photo taken please call me at 970-376-1230. If you have any questions please email me and I’m happy to speak with you regarding the best Vail Valley location. Thank you and continue to have a great day!


Vail Valley Portrait Photographer

Everyone loves new toys, especially me, your local Vail Valley photographer! I recently purchased the latest Nikon state of the art 36.3 megapixel camera body and vibration resistant lens.


























So when I received the camera I had to go out and practice. And as you can see, what a difference!


























I met Anne Cote, the Manager at The Vitality Center in Vail. We set out to Bear Cat Stables in Cordillera to test my new camera. “Wow!” is all that I could say – the tack-sharp images are amazing.


























I could immediately tell the difference in contrast and depth of field of each image. I am very excited to photograph families, weddings and senior portraits in the Vail Valley.

























Anne was a great sport to let me photograph her at Bear Cat Stables. Photographing your event in the Vail Valley with this new Nikon and lens will capture beautiful memories for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.


























A wonderful model, a beautiful setting and a great new camera make for tremendous photos.













I am excited to shoot your next Vail Valley family portrait, wedding or senior portrait. With technology advances in photography and the perfect setting of the Vail Valley your photos are sure to shine.

Contact me at or call me at 970-376-1230.

And continue to have a Great Day.
~ Mort



























5 Tips to photograph Fall leaves in the Vail Valley

I could say that the 5 best tips for photographing your family portrait, wedding, high school senior photo or even your pet portrait is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION. But that would be to easy.


























So from my lips to your ears here is Mort Mulliken’s top 5 most important tips to shoot your fall photos.


1. Timing is everything. Plan to take your photos when the leaves are spectacular. The sea of golden yellow will mesmerize you and will create memorable family photos for years to come.













2. Choose the right setting. When in the Vail Valley you want to utilize colored leaves. Aspen Trees are the guilty pleasure for colorful leaves in Colorado. Rivers, creeks and other bodies of water are a plus. Combine the two and you will be happy with your senior portrait.


























3. Props and Clothing. Choose the right clothes to compliment the colorful leaves and setting. If you are wearing gold you may blend into the background. Bright whites and dark colors will make you pop off the photos.


























4. The right attitude and a smile. Bring your smile and enjoy the day. You are taking valuable time out of your day so that you can have photos to last a lifetime. Enjoy it!


























5. Location. Yes, I said it, again. In the Vail Valley there are so many spectacular settings to shoot in the fall. From East Vail to Gypsum. You can find what you are looking for Rivers, Aspen Trees, Lakes and of course mountains. If you have a favorite spot in Aspen or Denver, I’m happy to meet you there as well.














If you would like to schedule your fall photoshoot, call me at 970-376-1230. I’m happy to help you plan your colorful Colorado fall photo.

And remember to continue to have a great day.

Happy New Year’s from Mort Mulliken Photography

If you know me, I’m a man of little words. Ok, well not exactly the case. I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year from Mort Mulliken Photography, Deb, Mort and our entire family.

2014 has been a wonderful year. I have been blessed to live in a beautiful place. I am surrounded with so many wonderful and supportive people. And I am married to the best woman a man could ask for. Life is good. And man, am I excited to see what 2015 brings.













Now I was going to give you a list of my New Years Resolutions but I thought about it and I would rather have a slide show of the wonderful people that I photographed over this past year and prior years. Kind of a look back at some great moments in Mort Mulliken Photography history.

I took some fun senior portraits as you can see



























































































Then of course I love getting together with families and seeing what transforms through my lens.













































Now weddings are a special time. The bride, groom and the family that surrounds them are all so wonderful and full of love.
















































































There are so many more images that I could post but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Mort & Deb





Senior Portrait – Justine Bukovich

Just another day in Paradise. The Vail Valley is simply the best place to not only live but to take photos for your senior portrait!


























I met Justine Bukovich and we ventured over to Bear Cat Stables.



























It was a beautiful fall day. The lighting was perfect and the colors of the leaves had reached it’s peak.













Justine was very fun to work with. She walked in full of confidence and a large smile.


























Bear Creek Stables offers great places to take photos. As you can tell, it is one of my favorite places to take photos.


























This was a relaxed, fun day. Nothing makes me happier than to work with a fun, easy going model.

























Justine is now at the University of Kansas. I know with her confident smile and mild demeanor she is taking that University by storm. If you are looking for a senior portrait, please call Mort at 970-376-1230. or email me.

Senior Portraits – Tessa Vlaar

It’s that time of year. Back to school! For those of you to be so lucky and enter your senior year of high school, enjoy it. I’ve met so many kids that were in their senior year of high school and have gone on to great things.


























I met Tessa Vlaar last year. She is now a Junior at Gonzaga University where she is studying Creative Writing. I was fortunate enough to photograph her senior portrait when she was a bright eyed young lady with a vision to go on to a superb University and study what she always wanted to do, write.


























Upon graduation, Tessa will be modeling and writing poetry somewhere in South America.


























It is always great to photograph young women who know who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Tessa is a prime example of that.




So as you settle into your senior year and first days of the 2014-2015 school year remember that your senior year will fly by. So enjoy it, capture your memories and live life to the fullest. It is a great year for you to be in. Call me, I love capturing these moments.













Oh and by the way, if you run into her, please don’t ask for her autograph…she is not Penelope Cruz!


Senior Portraits – Essa Quezada

I met Essa this past winter for her Senior Portrait photoshoot at Bearcat Stables.

Bearcat stables is located in Edwards, Colorado. It is in a beautiful setting along Squaw Creek in Cordillera. It has been providing horseback rides and family fun since 1998. But we enjoyed the tranquility it provided for our photoshoot.

Look at Essa’s warm brown eyes. The camera loved sinking into them.

























The Stables are not providing horseback rides tours in the winter but there are plenty of great places to shoot beautiful photographs.

























The window in the ranch provides a great prop to use which helps to enhance any photograph.

When you have eyes as deep and dark as Essa’s then you utilize her beautiful god given strengths.

Mort Mulliken Photography is booking the calendar this fall and winter for Senior portraits. Please call me (970-376-1230) or email me ( and we can talk about the perfect setting for your graduating senior. Please let me know if you have a ny questions and I am always happy to answer them.

Erica Buzbee

When I met Erica, I instantly knew she was a positive, energetic young woman with a  bright future in front of her. Erica was a very photogenic model which shows with her bright smile and dazzling eyes.

I love this image as it shows Erica’s inner beauty in a peaceful setting.

Erica graduated from Eagle Valley High School and is thriving in life.

The Vail Valley is such a magnificent resort area to photograph and this time we chose to shoot at the Ranch at Cordillera and Bearcat Stables. It is such a beautiful setting, especially in the fall.

If you are interested in a photoshoot for your graduating Senior please call us. With over 15 years living in Edwards, Colorado, Mort Mulliken Studios regularly shoots in the Vail Valley and can find the right location to shoot your High School Senior Portrait.