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Family Photos Every Year











This photo shoot is of a family reunion of my longtime friends, the Fitzgeralds from Champaign, Illinois. They bought a home in Cordillera & we are now neighbors once again! Here is the entire family gathered again a little over a year after their daughter’s wedding.
























I had the honor of photographing Pat & Suzie’s daughter, Maggie and their son-in-law, Nic for their wedding here in Beaver Creek, Colorado the Summer of 2016. Now they can kick back their heels and really enjoy the Colorado Lifestyle, classic old pickup truck & all!


Here is Maggie & Nic’s Wedding photo. Nic was a recent West Point graduate & was deployed shortly after to serve in the United States Army.











A mother daughter photo is a must – we know where Maggie got her beautiful smile!








Here Suzie is surrounded by her boys….upper left is Jim, the youngest, who was a hoot during the shoot! He was full of ideas & this photographer went right along with him! Luckily son, Tom and son-in-law Nic went along for the ride!











And Pat with their two sons, Jim & Tom, who love to come to Colorado whenever they have the chance. That’s the beauty of having a home in Vail!


Photos capture an age & stage in your family’s life. This Father/Daughter image will be cherished by both for years to come. Join the Fitzgeralds and create your own family memories!

How did they get so lucky?

Molly and Carl have a lot going for them, a beautiful couple, a wonderful family, great friends but most of all, TIMING. How in the world do you pick a wedding date in Vail, Colorado where the Aspens are at their peak and there is snow on the Gore Range??












Let’s back up a bit – Carl got his first look at his beautiful bride Molly on the covered bridge in the Betty Ford Gardens in Vail, Colorado. I think he was impressed!











The ceremony was held outside on a gorgeous Fall day with golden Aspens and a snow-capped Gore Range mountains as the backdrop at Larkspur Restaurant in Vail. Must say, it was a photographer’s dream day.

What a gentleman! And he didn’t even drop her in the creek! Probably because everyone was watching…

There is something magical about the Fall Aspen leaves when paired with the lovely wedding rings they chose.

Looks like they are in for the ride of their life!

What a great day for everyone! Choosing Vail, Colorado in the Fall and celebrating with a reception at Larkspur Restaurant is truly a fairytale wedding!

Gathering Memories











We all have lots of photos from when our kids were born, and even as toddlers, but what happens when we get so busy in those middle years? Meet Ed & Christy Dent; they wanted to capture not only the Fall leaves but this stage in their family’s life.












It seems the only time our life slows down a bit is when we’re on vacation. What a perfect time to plan your family portrait!








Whether it’s the Fall colors or a beautiful snowy landscape, the Vail Valley makes the perfect backdrop for your family portrait.







Before you know it, your kids are all grown up & out of the house. These photos make memories of those special years.







What a handsome young man!







Christy looks right at home here in the Fall leaves and Rocky Mountains.
























Be sure to call me at (970) 376-1230 to book your perfect family memories with Portraits by Mort Mulliken Photography. You wouldn’t want to miss out on capturing every moment!

Senior Portraits in Full Fall Color

Meet Madison! She came up to our glorious mountains in Vail, Colorado for her Senior Portrait session with me.
























Fall is the most beautiful time in the mountains and it works perfectly in the schedule for having your Senior Portrait captured for lasting memories.

Looks like Madison’s dog is really enjoying her photo session as well!

Popping out of the grass! Not only do I have ideas for your shoot, but I am willing to try my clients ideas as well!











It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this, sitting by the creek in the beautiful fall leaves of the Rocky Mountains.
This year has been especially beautiful in Vail,Colorado for a Senior Photo session.

Even though Colorado is mostly Aspens, we found some red leaves as well! Remember, school deadlines are quickly approaching, so make your appointment now before the snow flies! Contact me to set up your Senior Portrait session on my contact page at

Celebrating 50 Years Together!

Meet Hollis & Carolyn Rademacher, my next door neighbors! I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple and their family to celebrate 50 great years together in marriage. What a milestone!











And how wonderful that their two sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren could all be there to celebrate!












Vail will have it’s glorious color in a couple of weeks which is always a spectacular time to do family portraits. Wouldn’t it be great to have a lasting photo like this with your grandchildren?











The grandkids are surrounding a Lion Sculpture that is a replica of the lions in front of the Art Institute of Chicago, where the Rademachers call home as well.





Could not resist getting this photo of these two lovely young ladies before they headed off for their first year of college!





Father & Sons – What a happy time in Colorado!
Please contact me to schedule your portrait session and create lasting family memories!

Dancing with the (notable local) Stars!





















Wow! What a night! The annual Star Dancing Gala was again a tremendous hit, showing different genres of dance with professional dancers and local celebs. The event is a benefit for YouthPower365 for the youth of Eagle County.
Here we have local Sheldon Andrew, a retired federal worker and consultant for the Department of the Defense.
Love that outfit!












Here, dancing up a storm is Agatha Precourt. What she loves about the event is the support for adolescent girls.

When Meredith Kennedy moved here and with her Moe’s BBQ owner husband, I bet she never thought she’d be dancing on a stage in front of hundreds of people! Since she worked for the Vail Valley Foundation, she saw what a great organization YouthPower365 was, and wanted to support it.





















It does take some natural ability to learn these dance routines. Betsy Kogan is a former competitive skater & cyclist.
It also takes some skill to capture these images at the right moment!

Here we have a brother-sister team of Michele & Marc Philippon, the children of the Steadman Clinic’s own Dr. Philippon. Michele is a lifelong ballet dancer and Marc is a varsity basketball player.












And you thought foot doctors weren’t athletic? Then look at Brian Mauer, local podiatrist lift his partner! That’s what YouthPower365 is all about! Elevating education, arts, and athletics for over 4000 young people in our valley.
What a blast for me to be a part of this event!

High School Seniors Show Some Personality




When I get asked to shoot a High School Senior Portrait the first thing I think about is:
How can I show the individual personality of this Senior? What setting would suit this the best?
Here is Isabel Miscio from Battle Mountain High School. Her fun & adventurous personality shows through in this shot.




Here is Carter Coleman from Eagle Valley High School. His inviting smile suggests what a bright future he could have!
























This “Lord of the Dance” pose by Abril Arenales from Eagle Valley High School shows her flexibility and balance, traits we’d all like to carry on with through life.











Gracie Shanley from Vail Christian High School lights up in this photo. Her sweet smile creates a feeling of approachability & compassion.











Here’s a fun one of Olivia Manula from Vail Mountain School. Looks like she’s pretty comfortable on that horse!
To see more of my High School Senior Portraits and other Family Portraiture or Wedding Photos, click here:

Family Photos of a Dude Ranch Experience











I bet you’re thinking: Not Mort Mulliken’s typical opening family photo! Part-time Vail Residents, Nick & Marty Ragland, from Cincinnati, Ohio decided taking the family to the C Lazy U dude ranch near Granby, Colorado would be fun! They were right! Here are one of their sons and his wife relaxing after a fun filled day! Not a bad view!

First, we had to have a photo of Nick & Marty with their five wonderful sons. They look like they fit right in at the ranch.












And here are Nick & Marty with their beautiful grandchildren. I wonder if we could find a cowboy hat small enough for the baby?

Here’s the entire family; Nick & Marty are so lucky to have their five sons with wives & children all together in such a beautiful place.














She was so cute I just had to get this photo!












This felt like something out of an old Western movie; The Ragland family are horse people and it shows.

They all look like naturals!

Celebrating Special Birthdays with Photographs in Breckenridge, Colorado























What better gift can a mother receive for her birthday than family photographs! That’s exactly what Ryan Joyce did.

He brought together the whole family to celebrate with his Mom & was thoughtful enough to hire me to capture the memories! Here is his Mom, Patrice and her husband, Ron Lara.










Here’s the whole family together. They all gathered at Patrice’s home in Breckenridge, Colorado to celebrate her 70th birthday. Nothing better than to be surrounded by your children & grandchildren. Even the family dog was included!

























I had to get a family photograph of Ryan and his wife Natalia with their two adorable children! Picture perfect!













Now this is a nice group of grandchildren! I hope those two girls can keep all those boys in line!













I always try to get a few photos when they aren’t posing. Here’s a tender moment of father & daughter.


























Being a good photographer means you catch the moment. Just had to get this photo of Natalia. She looked so beautiful in that light.

Photographing Maggie & Nick at their Vail, Colorado Wedding

Maggie to Barbara-2













This wedding portrait is one of my favorites!

Maggie made such a beautiful bride and the Vail, Colorado creek setting topped it off!

Don’t worry; My assistant made sure she didn’t fall in the water!

Maggie to Barbara-8598












Toast to the bride & groom!

The groom, Nick, is a recent West Point Graduate, and the reception was held at Allies Cabin in Beaver Creek, Colorado.


Maggie to Barbara-8554











The wedding was held at the Beaver Creek Chapel in a beautiful venue at the base of the ski mountain.

And from the looks of it, everyone was having a blast!

Maggie to Barbara-3078












This captures exactly what the wedding was all about: LOVE!


Maggie to Barbara-3077






















There’s no better weather than July in the Rocky Mountains for a wedding.

Maggie to Barbara-2950












Another successful wedding photography event!